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I thought it was about time I told y'all about my trip to Ardroy.
so we left at 9-ish, drove for a few hours, stopped at McDonalds to stretch off then did the last leg of the journey and made it for lunch.
After unpacking and the likes, we did Jacobs Ladder, which is beams of wood, suspended with bigger gas between them. our aim- to get as many in our group of four to the top- without the ropes. One team got three, one got two, and our team got two to the top, with me and another on the rung below. It was tiring, but really fun. Then we had dinner and did team building and activities to bring us together and make us think. My favourite one was the balance table. it was a circle of wood balanced on a tennis ball... on a stand thing... and we had to remove a babies toy from this tilting table... piece at a time. We did it- without toppling it or anything. 
The next day, we absailed down a crag and attempted to climb it again, then did caving- which was fun watching everyone squeeze through the small gaps and stuff. That night was Earth Hour, so we had a campfire and eat marshmallows. The other group did a night abseil, which looked amazing, even though we were the other side of the loch almost, we could see their torches. 
The Day after was our Exped, which we did a 14km walk, I tumbled 104ft down a hill and staved my finger, then we got to the camp, set up and started the fire. I went to bed before everyone, because i was worn out. Our instructor woke me up around 1, for concussion checks. We all woke up, packed up and did a beach clean before getting picked up by another instructor to take us back to the Centre. 
We all showered etc. before lunch, unpacked bags and stuff, then we lounged around for a bit before doing Rock-climbing.
The day after, we packed, had lunch then we split into two groups, one going Kayaking, the other (my group) doing archery, the Labyrinth(a maze they built going down the hill) and the low ropes, before we had dinner and left.
Ardroy was really fun, I love going there (i've been before with Primary) And got to know so many people in my school. Everyone was so understanding and helpful after my tumble, (walking with me (slowly) asking how I was.) And we had a laugh on our Exped.  I can't wait for next year, when I plan on going again, because it's an amazing experience, and even if I dont go next year, I aim to 5/6th year!
John Muir, the group I went with is also amazing, we learn so many new skills, what is around and where to find things. I love all the activities we do, Fire building, coppusing(?), tubing trees, clearing room for deer fences and new trees and team building. It puts you in an environment you're not normally in, you get to meet others in your school/area and have a laugh. It's a volunteer thing, which gives you new skills and experiences (not often can you say "last weekend I felled a tree and cut it up")  And is actually quite fun.

Thanks if you read through my journal, I enjoy what I have written about, and it means a lot to me that you read it. feel free to comment!
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